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Streamline Your Supply Chain

Maintaining product consistency and communication throughout the entire design, material procurement, and manufacturing process is critical for your organization's success. However, if you are working with multiple vendors and suppliers, knowledge gaps throughout the supply chain can increase production costs, lead to product inconsistencies, and cause delays. Precision Medical Technologies allows you to streamline your supply chain by offering end-to-end manufacturing services for orthopedic medical devices. Learn more about how we can help you bring your product to market faster.
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We Help Bring New Products to Market Faster

As your single-source supply chain team, our top priority is helping you achieve your organizational goals by offering efficient, high-quality manufacturing services. We have multiple facilities in Indiana that provide a safe and sterile environment for designing, manufacturing, and storing your products. We also offer packaging and delivery, so your customers receive their products quickly. With scalable solutions, we can increase production as your business grows.


Our engineering technicians can help you enhance the design of your product by solving complex problems regarding materials, product usage, and requirements. We have decades of combined experience helping to bring new orthopedic devices and instruments to market.

Materials Sourcing and Procurement

We have access to various medical-grade metals and engineered plastics for the highest quality product. We have the proper tools and equipment to ensure durability and consistency throughout production.

Packaging and Delivery

Our partners face unique challenges when ensuring their medical device reaches their customers. At Precision Medical Technologies, we offer custom packaging design and development and sterilization auditing to ensure your product is safe for use in the operating room.

We Can Handle the Supply Chain Logistics for Your Product

Precision Medical Technologies has helped bring to market a wide range of orthopedic devices, implants, and instruments, and we're confident we can assist your company. Our goal is to help you achieve organizational goals through a streamlined design, manufacturing, and delivery process, eliminating unnecessary delays and reducing costs. Learn more about our supply chain services, and then speak to our team today to get started.
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