Multiple Facilities With Standalone Specialties

Precision Medical Technologies has three locations throughout northern Indiana, including our instrument division facilities and implant division facility. Each of our locations are equipped with innovative technology and the latest equipment to eliminate job changes, improve product quality, and complete the manufacturing process in one machining operation. Once the project is complete, we can ship anywhere throughout the country. Learn more about our facilities.
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As one of the industry's leaders for end-to-end orthopedic design and manufacturing, each step of your product's design, production, assembly, and delivery is completed in one of our three locations. Our engineers and product specialists collaborate with our partners throughout the entire manufacturing journey, from ideation to delivery, accelerating lead times. Each facility is specially equipped with the proper technology to ensure the final product meets your exact specification. As an ISO 1 3485:2016 Certified professional, you can trust us to manufacture tight-tolerance designs.

Implant Division Facility

2059 N Pound Dr West
Warsaw, IN 4658



Instrument Division Facility

103 Warrener Dr
Rome City, IN 46784



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