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We Help Bring Groundbreaking Orthopedics to Market Faster

Whether you're accelerating production for breakthrough orthopedic technology or creating a single prototype before implementing a go-to-market strategy, Precision Medical Technologies can help. As an ISO 1 3485:2016 Certified manufacturer, we utilize the latest technology to scale the production of your tight-tolerance devices and instrumentation to match your business's needs. We're constantly refining our processes based on industry guidance to provide thoughtful and responsive manufacturing services. We're committed to creating meaningful, long-term partnerships with our clients to allow them to thrive and succeed in this rapidly developing field. Speak with our team today to discover how we can help you achieve your development and manufacturing goals.
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Responsive Orthopedic Device Manufacturer

Precision Medical Technologies is more than just a manufacturing contractor. We're your partner. Our approach allows for continual communication throughout the entire project lifecycle. We take the time to learn about your device or instrument, which allows us to solve complex and common issues during the design, production, and assembly phases. Discover how we've made it easier to get the results you need to ensure your device is a success:

Industry's Fastest Lead Times

24-Hour Response Time to Quotes

Exceptional Quality Outcomes Through Automation and Low Return Rates

Designed for Production and Assembly

We Can Help Bring Innovative Technology to Market

At Precision Medical Technologies, we believe a successful design and devilment phase is critical to the success of your product's launch. Our team follows a proactive approach to identify and solve challenges now so that you can feel confident in your go-to-market strategy. Learn more about our team's commitment to your successful product launch:

Tight-Tolerance Specifications

Materials Expertise

Innovative Machining Technology

ISO 1 3485:2016 Certified

Trusted Partner Throughout the Entire Process

With end-to-end orthopedic manufacturing capabilities, we can help eliminate gaps in your production cycle, resulting in improved go-to-market timelines. We're able to retain the industry's top talent and cultivate a strong workplace culture which ensures manufacturing consistency throughout the process. We provide thoughtful guidance throughout your design phase, streamlining the production and assembly processes. As your business continues to grow, we'll be there with our scalable solutions. Learn why we're trusted by many companies throughout the nation:

Limited Production Waste

Reduced Machine Downtime

Manufacturing Scalability

High Employee Retention

Delivering Exceptional Orthopedic Solutions

Precision Medical Technologies is committed to collaborating with partners to bring high-quality orthopedic devices to market faster. Our end-to-end solutions allow us to eliminate gaps in production while providing scalable flexibility to match your company's growing needs. Because of our in-house production model, we can quickly adapt to production changes while maintaining your timeline. Discover why we're the leader in orthopedic device and instrumentation manufacturing.
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